Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Guide - Upper Peninsula of Michigan - (906) 202 - 0491

We offer guided river fishing trips for steelhead, salmon, and trout in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Whether you are new to river fishing, or an experienced angler, we can make your trip successful. All waders, boots, rods, flies, bait, meals/drinks, are included with the cost of your trip. You will be outfitted with wading apparel from Redington, and be fishing with rods/reels/tackle from Sage, St. Croix, Rio, and Umpqua. Let us take care of everything - just show up and fish.


Salmon, Steelhead, and Brown Trout all spend most of their life roaming the Great Lakes. When certain conditions are right, they migrate upstream to feed or reproduce. This may occur any time of the year depending on the river system and species. It is this migration that excites most of us dedicated river fisherman. These fish take on a new color, shape, and attitude which makes river fishing so exciting. Call us today to get your own" Color of Chrome. "